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About Sacred Mortality

Sacred Mortality's mission is to transform the grief journey into an experience that is just as beautiful and meaningful as life's most cherished moments. We envision a world where every individual's end-of-life journey is a time of profound reflection and deep connection, filled with beauty and intention. We strive to shift perspectives on grief and loss, offering transformative experiences that honor life and nature, and bring solace and peace to families and communities.


Our Founder

Alysha Suryah (they/she) is a dedicated advocate for navigating one of life's most poignant universal journeys: grief. With a deep understanding of the importance of reflection, community, and education, Alysha founded Sacred Mortality to intimately support families and communities as they navigate pivotal moments of loss and death. Their holistic approach fosters healing and interconnectedness, turning end-of-life planning and related discussions into transformative experiences.

With a dynamic professional background as a project manager, event organizer, death doula, and permaculture designer, Alysha possesses deep expertise in crafting strategic plans, managing human-centered projects, and educating diverse audiences about the environment. They excel in digital design, community outreach, and building lasting regenerative systems.


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Want to work for Sacred Mortality? 

Our Process

Here's what you can typically expect from booking any services from Sacred Mortality:


Intake Form

Fill out the intake form to provide important information about end-of-life preferences and wishes. This form also helps us understand specific needs and accommodations , which allow us to offer personalized guidance and support.


Consultation Meeting

Choose a preferred time and date for an initial consultation, either in-person* or virtually, to talk about your needs. During the meeting, we will explore service options or packages tailored to your needs and discuss the next steps to continue the process. The initial consultation, priced at $99 for up to one hour, will serve as a deposit for any future services booked with Sacred Mortality.


Customized Planning

Collaborate with Sacred Mortality to create a personalized end-of-life plan based on preferences and available offerings. This may involve choosing the type of burial, selecting a memorial space, planning meaningful ceremonies or other services.


Coordination and Preparation

Once the plan is set, Sacred Mortality will take care of coordinating and preparing the chosen services, including managing logistics, permits, and other necessary arrangements. Sit back and receive regular updates of progress.


Service Delivery

Sacred Mortality submits any deliverables with compassion and care. This may include guiding the client and their family through the end-of-life journey, facilitating ceremonies, and honoring the client's wishes every step of the way


Ongoing Relationship

After the primary services are rendered, ongoing support for the client and their family continues. This might involve follow-up meetings, using our grief support resource list, getting connected to community groups or counseling services and more. We encourage all our clients and their families to engage with the Sacred mortality community and build a lasting relationship with team through continued support and resources. Let us know if you have any ideas for community events!


Reflection and Feedback

Submit feedback about the experience. This helps assess the quality of services provided and identify areas for improvement.

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